Entry #1


2013-10-29 23:25:22 by JamesJJames

To all those who find themselves on my page:

I've just been on Newgrounds a few days, but the level of attention my work has received, although miniscule to many, is something I honestly never expected. I've been on Youtube a few years, uploading both other bands' songs that I liked as well as my own material, but my own work got virtually zero listeners. So the hundreds of plays and dozens of downloads here in just two or three days is pretty amazing and is something I appreciate. Thank you all for listening and thank you bonesundug for suggesting I come here.

I started this Acervus thing nearly ten years ago when, on a whim, I decided I wanted to be a creator, not merely a listener. I had no training, no experience and no instruments. Most of these years, my only instrument was a piece of crap ancient laptop, usually one that would freeze or shut down if I even so much as looked at it funny. Not much has changed, really, except the laptop is now new. Someday I want to try my hand at real instruments though. The piano, drums, guitar and cello interest me.

And to be honest, I still don't have much idea of what I'm doing. I still have no formal training, a fact I'm sure will be noticeable to some of you. I can't even read or write music or cover other bands' songs. I'm like a monkey at a typewriter. I sit down and start playing something. Most of the time it's crap, some of the time it's acceptable. But I think for me this can be an advantage, in that it might prevent me from sounding too much like any other band. The last thing I'd want is to sound generic.

Anyway, so far I've posted a few dozen of my better songs that I've made over the years. I'm about to run out though, and I think my new material will be more carefully planned. I'll take more time editing and start with a clearer vision of what I want to achieve. Another passion of mine is art and photography. I may be uploading some of that in the future as well.

Anyway, thanks again guys, and I look forward to seeing more of your comments in the future.



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2013-10-29 23:54:41

J your cool and u got featured lucky you

JamesJJames responds:

Really? That's awesome. Thanks Starshine0911


2013-11-07 10:54:27

On YT it's easy to gain immense amounts of fans once they start amounting, but it seems most users lead a rather anonymous life therer. This place is all about the people though; the one community to rule them all! Like a portal into another dimension! :P Looking forward to good stuff!